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Cirò rosso classico
Cirò rosato

Cirò Rosato


Percentage of grapes: 100 % Gaglioppo


Vineyard: Cirò (Crotone district).


Surface area: 3 hectares.


Height: 100/150 mts a.s.l.


Exposure: south/south-east.


Growing system: espalier.


Year of first implantation: 1987, 1997.


Soil: argillaceous, sandy.


Yeald per hectare: 80/100 quintals


Harvest: first half of October. The grapes are selected and hand-picked.


Vinification: After removing the stalks, the fermentation follows for about 24 hours, then the most is drawn off for about 60 % of its volume. The fermentation continues in thermoconditioned containers at a temperature between 14° and 16° C.


Refinement: At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked and left in stainless steel tanks for at least 3 months. After bottling, the wine refines for a month before being put up for sale.


Alcohol: 13%


Organoleptic characteristics: Rose-coloured with lilac reflections, elegant and bright with fresh fruit and red flowers notes.